We’re Expanding!

We’re Expanding!

September 28th, 2018 by

We’re Expanding!

At Buffalo Wire Works, we’re more than a wire company! We are constantly growing to serve the ever-changing market. This past summer we have taken advantage of many new opportunities to expand. Our continued growth is what has allowed us to be the global provider for all of your production needs throughout the past 150 years!

Meet the latest additions to our team

Inside Sales Specialist

Purchasing Clerk

Continued growth at BWW:

Check out our new plant and expanding Mining and Quarry supply inventory!

Buffalo Wire has purchased another building to help with our growing sales demands. We have spent the majority of our summer completing renovations and getting ready to begin new operations.

Our Idlers look great in their new home!

Be sure to check out our full line of supplies Here »

Buffalo Wire is expanding its Rubber & Urethane Divisions

Our production and engineering teams have been working hard to enhance our current product line and incorporate procedures that will help satisfy the growing demand of the market. Take a look at some of our latest developments:

We have also developed and released our very own Urethane catalog. Request a digital version by clicking the link below!

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Continuous Slot & Static Screen Panels

Buffalo Wire has engineered its first line of Continuous Slot and Static Screen panels.
These panels are used primarily in dewatering processes and offer a high open area and
longer wear life.

Urethane Trommel Screens

Buffalo Wire is continuously developing and engineering the future of screening media. Our latest innovations include a customized solution for a customer who requested a urethane trommel screen to solve throughput and wear life issues. Call us today to see how we can provide a solution on your toughest applications.

Want to join our awesome team?

View the positions we are hiring for and apply below!

● Drafting & Design Engineer
● Electrical Technician
● Machine Operators
● Fabricators
● Urethane Technicians

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An inside look at our team

June 21st, 2018 by

At Buffalo Wire Works, we are all about a team environment. We understand the importance of choosing the best employees to represent our brand but we aren’t just all work and no play! Take a look at the photos from our BBQ and some of the other exciting things happening within the company!

Our visit to Houston was a success!

If you missed our last newsletter, we were headed to Houston for the AGG 1 Academy & Expo Trade Show. After a few days of showcasing our products and drawing in new business, we can say our efforts were a success. By meeting new people and reconnecting with our previous customers, we have learned more about the changing needs of the industry. We are excited for continued growth with these customers.

Quality Manager
Buffalo, NY

Jay is a recent graduate from the University of Buffalo, with a Masters of Industrial Engineering. He has acquired a valuable combination of mechanical aptitude and operations management, which he plans on exhibiting for growth here at Buffalo Wire. As a quality assurance manager, he plans on challenging the status quo, and making our company strive for 100% quality on the first run, helping to create a great reputation for Buffalo Wire Works.

Territory Manager
Cleveland, OH

Mike is a mining engineer with years of local and international experience. His previous experience with Sandvik Mining & Construction has allowed him to easily adapt to his environment and thrive by working alongside other successful mentors in the field. In his own words, he says, “I recognize that making small stones from big stones is not as easy as it sounds. Understanding this process is the key and I am dedicated to gaining that knowledge”.

Want to join our awesome team? Take a look at the positions we currently have available and click the button below to apply!

Positions Available
● Drafting & Design Engineer
● Inside Sale Representative
● International Sales Representative
● Purchasing Clerk
● Electrical Technician

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More Than a Wire Company

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Crusher Section

Urethane Section

Conveyor Section

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