Buffalo Wire Works Receives Pride in Partnership Award

Buffalo Wire Works Receives Pride in Partnership Award

May 10th, 2016 by

Buffalo Wire Works is pleased to announce its Pride in Partnership award with Lincoln College of Technology in Denver, Colorado.  As part of Buffalo Wire Works’ acquisition of Rock Polymers Inc., the company has been actively involved with the Denver community.  Buffalo Wire Works has made it a point to get more involved in the communities surrounding their new plant in Rollinsville; attending job fairs, educating the local towns and cities of their manufacturing facilities, and most importantly hiring from the local communities.

Recently, Buffalo Wire Works joined up with Lincoln College of Technology to hire their recent graduates to work at Rock Polymers.  Buffalo Wire Works was able to hire several graduates and was nominated by Lincoln Tech for their Pride in Partnership award.  Buffalo Wire Works won the award for demonstrating the highest praise for Lincoln Tech’s campus, their program of instruction, and their high caliber students.

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. Acquires Urethane Assets From J. L. Enterprises

April 5th, 2016 by

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. continues its dedicated and rapid expansion of its urethane and rubber products division by acquiring the urethane assets from J. L. Enterprises.  Buffalo Wire Works and J. L. Enterprises have come to an agreement for the purchase of the assets and to transition and restart production of high quality open cast urethane at Buffalo Wire Works 150,000 square foot headquarters in Buffalo, NY. The pairing of the extensive tooling and heat tables with the brand new mixing and metering equipment already purchased, allows the Buffalo, NY facility to start manufacturing high quality open cast urethane products as of June 1st. This acquisition gives Buffalo Wire Works double the capacity for its rapid growth and provides manufacturing locations that are closer to customers to minimize freight. 

If you have any needs please contact your Buffalo Wire Works sales representative or Buffalo Wire directly at 1-800-828-7028. 


Pleased To Announce New Hire Johnny Escribano

March 29th, 2016 by

Buffalo Wire Works is excited to announce that Johnny Escribano, VP – Process & Wear Applications, has joined our sales team.  Mr. Escribano has 22 years of industry experience and most recently was the Sales Manager of the Polymers Division at McClanahan Corporation.  Prior to Mr. Escribano’s 8 years at McClanahan, he spent 14 years with Durex Products as the International Sales Manager.  This addition pairs Mr. Escribano’s knowledge and problem solving skills with Buffalo Wire Works recent acquisitions of two key urethane screen and wear parts manufacturers.  Mr. Escribano will be covering the Florida and Southern Georgia territories directly.  He will be also working closely with our international sales team in South America, further developing our strong network of dealers and valued customers.  With his extensive knowledge of screening media, synthetics (urethane & rubber) and applications coupled with strong customer relationships, Mr. Escribano is a perfect fit with Buffalo Wire’s team.  If you need to contact Johnny Escribano please feel free at jescribano@buffalowire.com 


Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. Acquires Rock Polymers Inc.

December 23rd, 2015 by

Buffalo Wire Works Co. Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of Rock Polymers, Inc./Tesco, Inc. from Mark and Lynn Slinger.  Based in Rollinsville, Colorado, Rock Polymers/Tesco is a leading engineering and manufacturing provider of synthetic parts for the Aggregate, Mining, and Industrial markets.